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Monitoring of the International Diabetes Management Practices Study wave 7 (IDMPS 7) in Cameroon

Monitoring of the International Diabetes Management Practices Study wave 7 (IDMPS 7) in Cameroon

The International Diabetes Management Practices Study (IDMPS) is an international observational study sponsored by SANOFI pharmaceuticals to investigate current trends in management of persons living with diabetes. The participation of Cameroon in the previous 2 editions (IDMPS wave 5 & 6) were highlighted with questionable data collection and quality. Monitoring of IDMPS7 in Cameroon was done by CRENC.

The need for an independent third party was recommended as highlighted in Good Clinical Practice Guidelines was necessary for future editions of the IDMPS. Hence, the Clinical Research Education, Networking & Consultancy (CRENC), rose to the challenge of monitoring investigators of the IDMPS 7 in for SANOFI in Cameroon. The IDMPS 7 conducted in Cameroon under assistance of CRENC monitoring was completed in time. Data collection was uneventful and all submitted CRFs were accepted without any rejections.

The few queries highlighted were all resolved appropriately and promptly to the satisfaction of SANOFI and MAPI groups. The CRENC has channeled its success in the monitoring of IDMPS 7 in Cameroon to establish the National list of investigators for Diabetes mellitus. The CRENC continues its journey of excellence in clinical research through commitment, collaboration and innovation.

READ IDMPS5 Publication hereSelf-monitoring of blood glucose (SMBG) and glycaemic control in Cameroon: Results of the International Diabetes Management Practices Study (IDMPS)


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