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GANEO - CRENC Hypertension Management App

GANEO – CRENC Hypertension Management App

The GANEO – CRENC hypertension management app is a project to Evaluation of a Mobile App and Community Health Worker Intervention in the Management of Hypertension. This project is very important as 1 in 3 adults in Cameroon is hypertensive and there are limited numbers of health personnel to diagnose, treat and follow up this increasing number of patients. Therefore, there is need for intervention.

GOAL: To optimize the prevention and the management of hypertension by ensuring personalized monitoring and follow-up of patients at home by community health workers; improve patient access to health care and maintain a link between patient and health system through community health workers. 

OBJECTIVE: The objective of this pilot study is to develop and evaluate mobile health application that allows community health workers (CHW) and physicians to better manage patients with hypertension in Cameroon.

METHODS: The study will be carried out in the Southwest region, in 3 districts, with 4 CHWs and 3 physicians. A minimum sample size of 200 adults will be screened for hypertension by CHWs and basic demographic, clinical and anthropometric data will be entered in the interphase of the app by the CHW. The app which incorporates the WHO/ISH risk score algorithm will recommend the action to be taken for each participant ranging from lifestyle advice to urgent visit to the physician. Information on lifestyle advice in the form of text, videos and quizzes will be incorporated in the app for the CHW to educate patients depending on the recommendation.

Expectation:  We expect to have a prevalence of hypertension of 30 % and follow these patients over a 3 months period to evaluate the effectiveness in the management of hypertension through follow up visits by the CHW using the mobile health application. Also the app will serve as a medium for electronic medical recording for hypertensive patients.

Sponsors: GANEO, CRENC


GANEO - CRENC Hypertension Management App | Dr Domin Ekaney

Dr. Domin Ekaney, Project manager



GANEO - CRENC Hypertension Management App

Training a Community Health Worker on how to use the app


GANEO - CRENC Hypertension Management App

Training Nurses on How to use the GANEO-CRENC app

GANEO - CRENC Hypertension Management App

The app is a beautiful designed and efficient piece


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