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PANACEA Heart Failure Study in Cameroon

Heart failure (HF) is a cardiovascular disease which affects 1 – 2% of adult population over 40 years old. It is one of the leading pathologies among hospitalised patients in sub-Saharan Africa, accounting for over 30% of admissions in specialised cardiac unit. It is associated with many symptoms and clinical signs of congestion leading to frequent hospitalisations, shorted life expectancy and poor Quality of Life (QoL). PANACEA Heart Failure Study in Cameroon, what is it about?

The PANACEA HF Study is a study that aim at investigating the effect of a hybrid, Nurse-led, home-based and Information Technology supported intervention on clinical outcomes, symptoms and Quality of Life, after a 6 months post discharge follow up in African patients hospitalized for acute heart failure.

The study design is a multinational multi-center, parallel-group, randomized controlled trial between a Standard Group and an Intervention Group. The standard group will receive the standard care for HF management from their physician. Incremental to standard care, the intervention group will be assigned to a nurse who will do regular counselling through Bi-weekly SMS, will do Home Visits for additional follow up, and will be available to answer any of their questions.

All participants of both groups will have a 7 day, 1 month and 6 months post discharge follow up with their physician; they will answer questionnaires on QoL, and will do some cardiovascular explorations and some lab test.

In Cameroon, CRENC is currently training nurses on Good Clinical Practice and the importance of ethics in research; we also train them on how to do a physical examination of a HF patient, the signs and symptoms of acute HF, and some study specific and/or related test or exams.

Concerning the PANACEA HF Team, we are still looking for Grants. And we hope to have a positive respond soon to be able to start the study.





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